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Ohio’s sweetheart, maple syrup

by The 100 Companies
maple syrup

Who doesn’t love pancakes smothered in maple syrup? And you can feel good about eating this sweet condiment because maple syrup is, in fact, healthier than sugar or corn syrup because it contains more nutrients and antioxidants.

According to The Ohio Maple Producers Association, approximately 100,000 gallons of maple syrup are produced each year in our state by over 900 producers. Here are some recipes to use this delicious syrup in:

• Maple balsamic glazed pork chop, The Chunky Chef

• Maple glazed maple banana bread, Crunchy Gooey

• Maple dijon chicken sheet pan dinner, Savory Nothings

• Chocolate maple bars, Taste of Home

Meredith Rodriguez, Stevens Strategic Communications

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