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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your coworkers

by The 100 Companies
Celebrate Valentine's Day with your coworkers

Remember those Valentines and candy you used to pass out to your classmates at school when you were a child? You can still have that same kind of fun today at the office!

Here are some fun ideas on what you can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day at your work:

  1. Give out personalized Valentines that have funny messages and inside jokes.
  2. Bring in a heart-shaped cake or other baked goods.
  3. Play Secret Cupid — the Valentine’s-Day version of Secret Santa.
  4. Host a happy hour and serve cheese and wine.
  5. Give out custom coffee mugs.
  6. The best idea … dress up as Cupid!

Nic Armbruster, The Oklahoma 100

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