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Thousands of attractions, so little time

by The 100 Companies
Ohio attractions

There is no excuse. If you want to enjoy Ohio in the new year, you need to know only one website – Ohio.org. “Ohio. Find It Here” is the campaign theme, and here is the payback:

• Over 37 amusement and water parks.

• Over 270 arts and cultural attractions.

• 97 destinations tagged as breweries.

• 629 family-fun activities.

• 26 golf vacation places.

• 358 historic sites.

• 287 museums.

• 152 distilleries that drive nightlife.

• More than 203 outdoor activities.

• 332 parks or nature trails.

• 297 of the best restaurants in the U.S.

• 93 flea markets or malls.

• 78 places marked sports and recreation.

Edward Stevens, Stevens Strategic Communications

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