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Historic sauerkraut balls at Gruber’s Restaurant

by The 100 Companies

When Max Gruber Sr. opened his eponymous restaurant in 1907, the immigrant’s German-inspired menu was hardly surprising. That his legendary dishes proved an instant hit with Cleveland’s conservative, jacket-and-tie elite was a bit more so.

Enter Gruber’s best-known menu item – falling as far off the beaten [American] path as possible – in the guise of his sauerkraut balls (rife with ham, pork, beef, onion, and eggs).

Such dishes earned the restaurant, which ultimately passed to Gruber’s sons – Max Jr. and Roman – praise from the Duncan Hines (who requested the recipe). They sold in 1961, leaving myriad mouths watering in their wake.


– Hannah Van Sickle, The Ohio 100

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